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Portrait 1 – Dan Thrailkill of Woodstock, GA

In this episode of the Portraits of Atlanta, we interview Community Organizer Dan Thrailkill of in Woodstock, GA about “Cherokee gives a ___”.  Dan is the owner of Front Porch Advisers and has significant ties to the community through various boards and organizations.

Dan Thrailkill explains the movement behind Cherokee Gives a _____.

Today Dan gives us the inside scoop behind the “Cherokee Gives a ___” campaign and how local businesses are rallying behind a community leader and his family.

Dan introduces himself and gives details about how he came into being a Resident of Cherokee County. He is heavily involved with several different organizations around the County and believes that Cherokee County is a perfect spot to live with his husband and family. 

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Dan will be sharing his views on where he thinks the direction of the community culture is heading. He even gives insight as to where in Cherokee County he thinks the next micro economy is going to thrive! After this episode, people will know where to give back in order to help the Chambers family.  

Connect with Dan Thrailkill at his website:

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